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Available Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm
Available Monday to Friday - 9am to 5pm

Best4 GAP Insurance

Looking for GAP cover? Welcome to Best4 where we make protecting your vehicle simple.

Duration of policies
up to 4 years

All of our policies allow
unlimited mileage

All of our polices are
5 Star Rated

For vehicles
up to 8 years old

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Combined GAP

(Also referred to as Combination GAP Insurance or Combined GAP Insurance) In the unfortunate event of your vehicle being declared a total loss due to write-off, your motor insurance will provide compensation based on the current market value. This specific policy is designed to offset the disparity between the insurance settlement offer and the initial invoice price you paid, as well as any outstanding finance amount.

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Purchase Price and Finance GAP Insurance

(Also known as Return to Invoice GAP Insurance / RTI GAP)
If your car is written off and declared as a total loss your motor insurance will offer the current market value. This policy covers the difference between their offer and the invoice price you paid or any outstanding finance.

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Lease and Contract Hire GAP Insurance

If your vehicle is declared a total loss, lease GAP insurance would cover up to 3 months deposit and pay the difference between the insurer's settlement offer and the early termination charge.

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Join us knowing that we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
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Benefit from one of the most comprehensive vehicle GAP insurance available from as little as £9.30 per month payable over twelve months.
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What is GAP Insurance?

As soon as you buy the car and drive it away from the dealership, it will start depreciating in value.

GAP Insurance stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance. If your car is stolen or written, GAP Insurance covers the gap between how much you paid for your car and the amount your motor insurer is willing to pay out, based on your car's current market value.

How does GAP insurance work?

For example, if you owned a car for 3 years, that cost £20,000 and suddenly had it stolen, your comprehensive car insurance would pay out and average of £9,000*. Leaving a huge gap of £11,000 in your pocket… This is where your GAP Insurance would step in to pick up the shortfall.

It’s easy, quick and you can be rest assured you won't be caught out.

Get GAP Insurance now.


Should I get GAP Insurance?

Buying GAP Insurance means you’re preparing for the unexpected.

If you car is stolen or written off, your motor insurance company will only pay out a percentage of the price you bought it for; they will pay for the amount that your car is now worth at the time of the incident, not the price you paid when you bought it.

This is where Best4 GAP Insurance steps in.

GAP Insurance covers the difference between what your insurers are willing to pay and how much you bought your vehicle for.

GAP Insurance is ideal for those who are making a large investment into a new car and take precautions to make sure they are not left out of pocket in the case of theft or an accident.


How much does GAP Insurance cost?

GAP Insurance is extremely important, as it makes sure that you don’t get left in the lurch if your vehicle is stolen or written off.

When taking out your policy, there are a number of factors that will influence the price.

Your policy will depend on:

  • The invoice value of the vehicle
  • The age of the vehicle
  • Make & model of your vehicle
  • How you financed the vehicle. eg. finance or paid in cash
  • Duration of your policy
  • Claim limit

Cover your car with GAP Insurance today.

Best4 GAP offers exclusive benefits to our GAP customers:

  • We will pay up to £250 to cover the excess on your motor insurance policy
  • Up to £1,500 of dealer fitted accessories covered
  • Up to £300 of cover for vehicles modified for mobility
  • Unlimited mileage cover once policy has started
  • European cover
  • Business use cover (excluding vehicles used for multi-drop vans, chauffeuring, reward or by a driving school)
  • We will help you get the best settlement from your motor insurers
  • We will settle any outstanding vehicle finance*

* Terms and conditions apply


What do I need to know before buying GAP Insurance?

If your car is stolen or written off, GAP Insurance covers the gap between the price you paid for your car and the price your motor insurance company thinks your car is worth.

Make sure to purchase your new car from a VAT Registered Motor Vehicle Supplier. If you have purchased your car from a private seller, you will not be eligible for GAP Insurance.

We’ll need to know how you fund your vehicle: Hire purchase, PCP or Contract Purchase; Contract Hire or Finance Lease; or Cash Purchased, and if applicable, your duration of finance.

If you’ve owned your vehicle for under 90 days - fantastic, you are eligible to purchase GAP Insurance, ownership of 90 days or over, unfortunately you will not be able to purchase.

How GAP Insurance works:

  1. You buy a new car for £25,000
  2. You buy 3-year GAP insurance policy
  3. After 2 years car is damaged in a storm
  4. Your vehicle is declared a total loss and you are offered £17,500
  5. We cover the remaining £7,500 so you receive your full £25,000


What does GAP Insurance cover?

We offer an array of GAP Insurance products, and here’s how to figure out which one’s for you.

GAP Insurance is designed to protect the value of your vehicle and/or protect you against a financial shortfall on your finance or contract hire agreement if your vehicle is written off and not replaced by a motor insurer following an accident, fire or theft.

If your vehicle is written off, every policy will also pay up to £250 towards your motor insurance excess as well as £1500 towards any dealer fitted accessories that are shown on your original vehicle invoice.

Purchase Price and Finance GAP

This particular GAP protection can also be referred to as Return to Invoice (RTI GAP)

If your vehicle is written off and you had purchased it from a dealer outright or on a finance agreement, we will pay the difference between the motor insurance settlement figure and the greater of either the purchase price of your vehicle or the early settlement amount that you owe to your finance company.

Lease GAP

If your vehicle is written off and your vehicle was on a contract hire/lease agreement, we will pay the difference between the motor insurance settlement and the termination charge applied by the finance company. We will also cover your initial deposit rental paid on your vehicle up to a maximum value of 3 of your monthly rentals.


What doesn’t GAP Insurance cover?

Don’t be disappointed, make sure you’re aware of GAP Insurance exclusion conditions:

Car Use

  • Your vehicle if it is used for track days, road racing, rallying, pace making, speed testing or any other competitive event or as a taxi for private hire or minicab use or for hire as a chauffeur or for driving school tuition or courier use.
  • Your vehicle if it is used for hire or rental purposes.
  • Your vehicle if it is insured under a motor trade motor insurance policy.
  • Your vehicle if it is a commercial vehicle in excess of 3.5 tonnes GVW.

Motor Insurance

  • Any claim where there is not a valid total loss claim accepted by your motor insurer.
  • Any vehicle not insured by a comprehensive motor insurance policy.
  • Any claim where you have declined an offer to repair your vehicle and asked for the claim to be dealt with as a total loss.
  • Any excess deducted from your motor insurance settlement above £250.

Driver’s Responsibility

  • Any vehicle purchased from a private seller.
  • Your vehicle has been modified other than according to the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Any recoverable VAT element where you are VAT registered.
Cards accepted: Visa

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