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What is GAP insurance?

GAP is short for Guaranteed Asset Protection. Vehicle GAP insurance will pay you the difference between what your motor insurance will pay you in an event of a total loss claim and what you paid for your vehicle if you recently purchased it from a motor dealer or what the vehicle was worth when the GAP insurance policy began.

The term GAP insurance is a broad term for various types of cover such as Return to Invoice, Combination GAP and Finance GAP. This type of protection is for both new and used motor vehicles. It insures the difference between your motor insurer’s payment and the vehicle’s value at the time the policy was taken out, the amount you originally paid for your vehicle or any outstanding finance left over respectively.

Therefore, in the event that the vehicle is declared a “write off” you do not end up being the victim of financial loss.

It is important to note that the GAP insurance will only reimburse you if your motor insurance pays out on a total loss claim. Examples of where your motor insurance may compensate a total loss claim includes where the vehicle has been stolen and never recovered, the vehicle has been destroyed by fire or the vehicle has received sufficient accidental damage so that is not economical to get repaired.

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