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Top 5 Worst Cars For Depreciation

Will the car you're looking to buy hold or lose its value over 3 years? Check out the top 5 worst cars for depreciation. 

  • 26 Apr 2021

Your car could depreciate up to 50% or more over three years of ownership. 

When choosing your new car, the fuel consumption may play a big part in making the decision but in the long run, depreciation is going to be the biggest cash loser if you let it. 

Reasons a car depreciates in price could be: 

  • Mileage - the car travels further than the average 10,000 miles. The more miles the car completes, the higher the depreciation rate 
  • Reliability - many cars have a reputation of not being reliable. The less reliable a car is, the less your car is worth 
  • Number of owners - the fewer owners, the better. 
  • The condition - if the car is looking a good (e.g. it has minimal damage to the interior and exterior), it will hold it's value well 
  • Service history - the more complete this can be, the better it is for depreciation levels in the future 
  • Length of warranty - a three year warranty will help keep the value high. If you can choose for a longer duration - even better! 
  • Size - small cars depreciate slower than larger cars.

We've put together a list of the WORST cars for depreciation. Check it out before buying your next car! 

The five cars that depreciate most over three years



Maserati Quattroporte £75,735 20.8% £15,775
Fiat Tipo  £21,815 21.1% £4,600
Peugeout 308  £22,740 21.4% £4,875
Audi A8 £107,535 23.2% £24,925
Mercedes S-Class Cabriolet £125,010 24.2% £30,300
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