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What are the odds of writing off my car?

The odds of you writing off your car are pretty high, as it turns out... Last year Churchill Car Insurance released staggering figures of how many cars were being written off as a total loss, their worth, and the age range figures of collision based total losses.

  • 8 Oct 2018

On average, 1 car was declared as a write off every 90 seconds, that’s 1000 a day or 384,000 a year! This means that one in every 83 drivers will have written off their car every year.

Steve Barrett noted that a car gets written off as a result of "it being unsafe for the road or because repairing it would be uneconomical in comparison to its value". 

So, what else can result in your car being a total loss? Below are the categories of insurance total loss categories and the reasoning behind them.

Category A

Scrap only. For vehicles so badly damaged, they should never re-appear on the road. The vehicle should be crushed, even salvageable parts must be destroyed. An example of this would be a car burnt-out by fire.

Category B

The vehicle has withstood serious damage, but parts can be salvaged for spare parts. The remainder of the vehicle including the shell should be crushed/destroyed.

Category S (previously Category C)

“Structural Damage”. The vehicle has suffered some form of structural damage (like a crumple zone that has buckled in a crash.) This still requires a professional to fix the structural damage for it to be safe to drive on the road again.

Category N (previously Category D)

“Non-Structural” Damage. The vehicle hasn’t taken any form of structural damage. Vehicles put under this category may have electrical or component/cosmetic issues that push past the threshold of being economical to repair. This can still be unsafe to drive depending on the issue (steering or brakes issues for example).


Sometimes all it takes is something small that pushes the vehicle too far past repair; it doesn’t always mean substantial structural damage. At Best4 Gap, we like to provide our customers with a trusted solution to ensure that if the unexpected were to happen, they would have a product policy in place to support them through the process. This is where our motor insurance gap policies come to your aid. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start a quote with us today. Trust your leading gap insurance provider, we have the policy that is Best4 you. 



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